29 April 2020

Portfolio – on order |

I am an artist photographer, born in 1988 in Brasilia, Brazil, the more I have always lived in Recife, my “terra mátria”. After having been a professional photographer for five years (2011-2015), I already joined France and joined the Research and Creation Residence of the ENSP Arles, where I stayed for two years (2015-2017). In 2019 I obtained a DNSEP focused on exhibition practices at the École Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Nîmes.

My artistic approach seeks to understand the different issues around self-representation, the female self, through the prism of collaboration. Through the relationship with the women around me, self-portrait in its broader sense is highlighted, being a form of writing and storytelling. These meetings raise intimate (therefore, political) and personal questions inherent in female subjects. Performance is also very popular in my work, as well as video and installation, but my main medium is photography. In most projects, the silver process takes the lead to bring an artisanal dimension to the images.


2020 | Individual | Caisse de Résonance | L’Hydre aux Milles Têtes | Marseille, France

2019 | Collective | Exposition des Diplômé.e.s | ESBA Nîmes | Nîmes, France

2018 | Collective | Spolia Spolia, collaboration with Gilles Saussier | ESBA Nîmes | Nîmes, France

2018 | Collective | Déplacements Dégagements | Musée du Vieux Nîmes | Nîmes, France

2018 | Collective | Resonances, festival d’expressions artistiques libres et engagées | Bone Hospital,
collab with Quentin Fagart | Bruxelles, Belgique

2018 | Individual | Tombé-e-s des Nu-e-s, festival of the photographie du nu féministe, Arles, exposition Commun Autoportait, Arles

2017 | Collective | Église Saint Julien, WIP – Work in Progress, AE ENSP | Festival Voies Off, Arles

2017 | Collective | Eloignés Regards | Galerie Arena, ENSP Arles

2016 | Collective | Église Saint Julien, WIP – Work in Progress, AE ENSP | Festival Vies Off, Arles

2016 | Individual | Restaurant Comptoir des Porcelets | Projet Não Surrender, Arles

2016 | Collective | No Surrender | Espace Van Gogh, Arles

2015 | Individuelle | Curtain | Sixth Floor Collectif, Recife, Brésil


2019 | Avec Cristianne Rodrigues et Flávia Tavares | Urgence and resistance of small autochthonous, photos by Edgar Kanayõ, in the cadre du FIDÉ | Le CP5, Shakirail, Paris


Profundanças – literary and photographic anthology – in _PT (download)

L’Arlesienne magazine – report COEUR DES FEMMES (Heart of women), with the women of the Christian Chèze Social Center, Barriol, Arles. Text by Lucie Sawina

2015 – 2017 | ENSP Arles
2020 | Temporary atelier at the Shakirail, managed by the Curry Vavart collective | Paris