burn shit together
10 abril 2020

The anarcho-artistic nomadic collective and experimental platform for the research of spontaneous action – TAZ 22 – (Temporary Autonomous Zone) #1 emerged in Sarajevo on 1.11.2018. between 20-21h. The illegal occupation of space with performance and sound art happened in 5 abandoned and destroyed shops within the complex of the Governmental Commercial Center Skenderija (Privredni grad KJP Centar Skenderija).

The present political/social reality of the latest elections results – far-right and fascist politics rising in Brazil, Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina – were the starting point of this work; together with the historical context of the occupied space.

*Founder of TAZ, artist, curator and permanent member: Smirna Kulenović (Bosnia and Herzegovina / Portugal) | *Artist in Residence: Shiaron Carolina Moncaleano (Italy / Portugal) | *Spontaneous artist-member of TAZ: Renata Pires-Sola (Brazil / France) | *Camera and Video-editing: Tatjana Nikolić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

“Art in this moment of our global history is more than a necessity, is urgent. Doing art as an answer to oppressions is a way to stay alive and reactive, and I think this work reflects this. In Brazil, the fascisms goes forward with a male, misogynist, racist and violent president. The same is happening in many countries all over the world, including Bosnia. My action is a shout and a call to transformation.” Renata Pires